The Factory

Pasta del Libano is made in Lebanon and by Lebanese hands according to the finest standards, using high-protein durum Lebanese wheat, carefully purified and ground in our mills, and paste with pure Lebanon Mountain water, and slowly dried between 10 and 18 hours to reach a high-quality product. All pasta del libano products do not contain added industrial materials such as colors, flavors, and preservatives and they reach the consumer fresh immediately after their manufacture.


We cooperate directly with farmers to produce the finest varieties of durum Lebanese wheat, high in protein and nutritional value


The wheat is well purified from the impurities by using the latest technology, then it is washed very carefully and milled in the company’s mills to supply the production line with fresh flour.


Without hands touching it, we transfer the flour and store it in vertical warehouses (silo) and we leave it to rest for 14 days to be ready for kneading

Pasta production

The flour retains all its nutritional components in the wheat and is kneaded with the filtered mountain spring water using the latest filters and the air is drawn from it.


Unlike products that are heat-dried in ovens for a quarter of an hour only, pasta del Libano is dried naturally and slowly according to shape for a period of 10-18 hours to reach a high-quality product.


After drying, the products are packed with cellophane bags or carton boxes by automatic and contactless packing machines


pasta del libano arrives at the stores, making it accessible to the consumer fresh, after its production directly through the company’s distribution network